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Cold curing adhesive sc2020

Cold curing adhesive sc2020

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Update 2020-03-24 22:26:16

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Cold curing adhesive sc2020

Product Name: cold curing adhesive sc2020
Product introduction:
Cold vulcanizing adhesive sc2020 is a two-component, high-performance adhesive. It is a new type of repair material needed when carrying out belt repair, belt joint and roller coating under the cold vulcanization mode. It usually needs the cooperation of other materials when operating on site. It is suitable for use in the special environment of coal mine fire and explosion protection. The product has the characteristics of fast curing at room temperature, high strength, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, good bending resistance, fire resistance, etc.
Scope of application: it is applicable to the bonding of rubber and rubber, metal and rubber, rubber and fabric, fabric and fabric. It is an ideal adhesive for cold bonding, repairing, roller coating and various rubber pad materials.
working principle:
Cold vulcanizing adhesive is a Cr (polychloroprene rubber) based two-part cold vulcanizing adhesive made from chloroprene rubber chlorinated by organic solvent. The main ingredient is tetrachloroethylene, which is a safer organic compound for human body. Tetrachloroethylene is a non flammable liquid with relatively stable properties. It can be used in mine or underground work.
Different from the traditional hot vulcanization process, the cold vulcanization bonding method is more convenient and efficient. Cold vulcanization bonding is to use sulfur chloride vulcanization method to complete the vulcanization reaction, and sulfur cross-linking occurs during the vulcanization process, which means that one or more sulfur atoms are connected to the polymer chain to form a bridge structure.
Product features:
Avoid direct sunlight and prevent the temperature from falling below 0(condensation may occur).
Bonding surface: dry and clean, free of chemicals, grease and other dirt.
Metal: remove rust and roughen metal surface by sand blasting or grinding (recommended grinding depth is 30um). Before bonding, if necessary, a layer of metal primer pr-900 shall be applied and dried completely, so as to improve the adhesion between metal bonding surface and rubber.
Rubber: for the rubber plate and repair strip with semi vulcanization layer, the bonding surface does not need to be polished. For the rubber plate without semi vulcanization layer, the rubber surface (without smooth area) needs to be fully polished. The dust shall be removed with clean and dry brush and the surface stains shall be cleaned with cleaning agent.
Fabric: Polish other rubber areas, gently polish the fabric layer (note that the fabric layer cannot be damaged, it is recommended to use a tungsten steel polishing disc), use a clean and dry brush to remove dust, and use cleaning agent to clean the surface stains.
Mixing: fully mix the cold vulcanized adhesive and R-50 hardener, the mixing ratio is 100:5, and use the mixture within 2 hours.
Brushing: brush 2 times of uniform coating on the bonding surface. The first coat shall be completely dry (at least 30 minutes, metal surface at least 1 hour), the second coat shall be dry to slightly touch hands (check with the back of fingers), and if it is too dry, another coat shall be brushed.
Product features:
1. Suitable for working temperature up to 80 ℃, safe and flame retardant, and suitable for well and underground use.
2. The shelf life is four years, which is much longer than other similar products.
3. Simple tools can work without using large equipment such as curing agent.
4. In case of emergency repair, repair and use immediately, so as to minimize the loss of shutdown.
usage method:
1、 Use the angle grinder installed with tungsten steel grinding disc to grind the damaged part of the conveyor belt to a thin and even layer of rubber, and then use the brush to clean the floating dust.
2、 Mix the cold vulcanizing adhesive sc2020 and hardener R-50 in the proportion of 100:5, and mix evenly.
3、 Brush the polished belt surface and the semi vulcanized layer of the repair strip evenly with cold vulcanizing adhesive, and then dry it until the glue liquid feels sticky when touched by hand.
4、 During the bonding, align the bonding part, stick it from front to back, and use the compaction roller to push it back and forth from the middle to the four sides for 2-3 times to remove the air.
5、 After bonding, the patching surface is perfectly combined and integrated after 20 minutes.
matters needing attention:
1. The worki

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