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Hole Size: 1 7/8"~26"
Motor Size: 1 11/16"~11 1/4"
Temperature Range120℃,120-150℃ and 150-180℃
Motor Type: vertical, single-bend, double-bend and adjustable motors

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  • Model: 1 11/16"~11 1/4"
  • Brand: SAIGAO
  • Code: 84129090
  • Product Description

Downhole motor (PDM drill) is a volumetric downhole power drilling tool that uses drilling fluid as power and converts liquid pressure energy into mechanical energy. When the mud pumped by the mud pump flows into the motor through the bypass valve, a certain pressure difference is formed between the inlet and the outlet of the motor, pushing the rotor to rotate about the axis of the stator, and transmitting the speed and torque to the drill through the universal shaft and the transmission shaft To achieve drilling operations.

A progressive cavity volumetric hole bottom power machine, referred to as auger drill. The auger drill, which uses mud and clean water as the power medium and is conveyed to the bottom of the hole through the center hole of the drill rod, is essentially an energy conversion device that converts liquid pressure energy into mechanical energy. During drilling, the auger directly drives the core tube and drill bit connected to the transmission shaft at the bottom of the hole to rotate. The entire drill string is only used as a channel for conveying high-pressure working medium and a rod supporting the counter torque of the drill bit. Compared with conventional drilling, screw drilling has many advantages, such as greatly reduced drill pipe wear and high drilling speed. It is the main tool for directional drilling and has played a role in the field of drilling.

The auger drill was first used to punch vertical holes, mainly used to drill a variety of directional holes and special engineering holes (such as mine frozen holes). The maximum drilling depth is 9023 meters. At present, the minimum diameter of auger drills in the world is 44.5 mm and the maximum diameter is 304.8 mm. When auger drilling is used for core drilling, a core tube should be added between the drive shaft and the drill bit to take the core.

The auger drill consists of a bypass valve, a screw motor (rotor and stator), a universal joint, a bearing and a drive shaft. Its core is a screw motor. In the screw motor rotor and stator transmission pairs, the number of stator teeth Z1 is one more than the number of rotor teeth Z2: Z1 = Z2 + 1. Their gear ratio is usually called the transmission ratio, and they can be chosen arbitrarily when designing (1: 2, 2: 3, ..., 9:10). The high speed screw drill should be designed with a small gear ratio screw motor, while the low speed and high torque screw drill should be designed with a large gear ratio screw motor. With the increase of the rotor-to-stator gear ratio, its efficiency gradually decreases; the output torque of the screw drill depends on the working pressure drop through the motor, and the output speed depends on the flow of working medium through the screw motor.

When drilling, conventional drilling equipment such as rigs, mud pumps, drill rods, and rigs are still needed. When constructing a directional borehole, an orienter is used to orient the tilting tool. The tool used to match the auger drill includes curved joints, curved outer tubes and eccentric blocks. The use of auger drill to construct directional holes can improve the quality of drilling, provide accurate geological data, save footage, reduce costs, and solve many engineering problems that cannot be constructed. Therefore, it is a special tool for drilling engineering.

The service life of auger drills is generally 150 to 200 hours. The weak link is that the stator rubber has a low temperature resistance and the bearings are easily damaged. Intensify the research and development of wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant elastic materials and reliable bearing systems for manufacturing stators, so that the working life of screw drills is significantly improved. And develop low-speed high-torque screw for dr

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